I have Acer Travelmate 4052 laptop with Centrino 1.6 Ghz processor, I
took Hardisk from my PC to copy some data to my laptop and for that I
bought a 3.5 inch casing which came along with an adaptor. It went
well for a hour and copied some data but after that a message popup
saying POWER SURGE ON USB HUB and pulled the usb connector and
connector to the other remaing two ports alternatively but same
message. When I restarted my computer and try to connect as usual my
microsoft usb mouse, my system froze, nothing worked alt+crtl+del,
nothing, so restarted but same problem on other ports as well. I
reinstalled the USB controller but to no use, I updated the BIOS,
enable - disable USB legacy support and USB Mass Storage suporrt from
the BIOS but to no use. I tried to reinstall the same Winxp pro with
integrated SP2 which was earlier on the system but it froze too,
sometimes at intial copying of files after formating, sometimes at 34
min remaining screen, then at 9 min, and 5 min remaining to complete
the setup.

I consulted one very popular laptop repair shop and the technician
told me that it is a very common problem with computer and especially
laptops and your Intel 82801 DBM chip has to be replaced, there is no
alternative, and he was not sure whether it will be ok again, if not
he said then I have to replace the motherboard. As it was a costly
step, I tried many forum for help but to no avail. Nothing helped me
at all.

Finally, as I system as out of warranty and being a electronic
hobbiest myself, I took apart my laptop and tried something really
stupid. I placed my system in front of the airconditioner and
restarted the 39 min installation process and walla it did completed
successfully. Then I installed all the drivers successfully, I didnt
tried the USB at all that time but I noticed that my CPU was
constantly at 100% as the system was at IDLE state. I was sure about
any virus or malware as firstly after installing windows with SP2 i
updated the hotfixes and critical updates from AUTOPATCHER then
installed the Internet security suite then connected to internet to
update it, so I scanned and as expected nothing showed up. Then I
tried the SysInternal which is now owned by Microsoft, the Process
Explorer as no doubt the System was slow to 25% of its original speed,
I try to figure out by searching the running thread from Process
Explorer then I saw 4 threads which were taking all the CPU usage and
to no surprise these were USBPORT.SYS+0x5fe6 (ALL FOUR), when I try to
kill these threads, access was denied so I suspend them all and my cpu
immediately comes to actual idle state 2-5%.

I have not found any cure so far please help me. My system boots very
very slow then I have to wait for the desktop things to appear so that
I can open the Process Explorer to shut those USB threads and then I
can work.

Is it really the DBM chip fault which I read somewhere as Intel
SouthBridge 82801 DB ICH4-M. As I explained I tried everything so far
as I am a network engineer myself and electronic hobbiest so far
whatever I could, I tried but nothing. I even tried the PCMCIA usb
card, it did work once with mouse but didnt worked again. I asked the
same technician he said how can this PCMCIA card will work as it only
changes the Interface, controller on the motherboard still is the same
which has to work.

I tried to find the schematic so that I can check the voltages across
the MOBO but only could find the service manual that too for
Travelmate 290 which has identical motherboard.

Please please help me, I am sure that Google group can help me out