On Mon, 30 Apr 2007 21:43:10 GMT, Felix Miata wrote:
>> Would you advise another version of Linux for a old time OS/2er?

> I think early on OS/2 adopters of Linux seemed to favor SUSE. Initially I
> liked Mandrake (now Mandriva) best but I now consider it 2nd best to SUSE.
> Many like Fedora, but without recompiling your kernels you can't use it to
> access HPFS partitions, which is a serious nuisance to someone converting
> from OS/2.
> I've installed and used various *ubuntu versions and found no reason to
> recommend it over SUSE or Mandriva.

I actually find Ubuntu quite decent, personally... although I've not
installed it on any real hardware.

>> It's funny to me that you say this - it's subjective but from the time I
>> spent playing with the GUI (Gnome, I recall) something about it seems a
>> bit amateurish compared to OS/2's WPS or even Windows XP (which is too
>> naggy, cartoonish, and flashy for my taste).

> This is a contenscious issue among longtime Linux users, but my opinion is
> Gnome is aimed at a class of people unaccustomed to managing choices and
> power. I didn't like it at all when first exposed to it many years ago, and
> I like it no more now. I find KDE far less objectionable than other Linux
> choices.

Interesting... I know Linus himself has much the same opinion. However,
when I was comparing the two a few years ago, it was KDE that I found to
be distastefully Windows-ish; GNOME at least tried to be somewhat
different. And I simply cannot abide the way KDE defaults to
single-click-activates mode (and I never found how to change it).

Alex Taylor

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