It was suggested in the eCS Hardware NG, that I should raise the
following question here... And, that I should beg, plead, get down on
my knees, and ask Daniela to add support where ever it needs to be.
I just installed eCS 1.2MR on two new TPad T60s. In order to boot for
installation or use of the installed system, I had to go to the BIOS and
update the SATA configuration from 'AHCI' to 'Compatibility' or the boot

The strange thing is if I try to use the stand-alone DFSee, I have to
put the setting back to AHCI or it hangs. During installation, it is a
real pain to have to keep switching this back and forth.

I really don't have a clue what AHCI even means or does, but it would
sure be nice to be able to use ONE setting. Presumably the AHCI
provides some value, so that is the obvious choice.

Any assistance will be appreciated?