Thinkpad T23 - 2nd hd in UltraBay adapter:

Is this hd seen as slave to master (in caddy hd slot)? Does the T23
behave same as typical wintel desktop IDE port with its cable for
master & slave, or are there caveats/gotcha's to consider when using
the UltraBay 2nd hd adapter?

I'm asking with intent to install Warp4/Warp3 in a TP23 with w2k
already installed (restore partition=active) and with a COA. The COA
would presumably allow me to order an actual w2k Restore CD or
whatever it is called. Armed with the "actual w2k Restore CD" I might
have the convenient option of simply trashing the existing w2k install
and building up a typical BootManager setup for both w2k and Warp 4.
But I have seen references that the "restore" on these insists on a
single partition spanning entire hd before it will install w2k.

Would jumpering to 8gb max mode work in this case, i.e. "Restore CD"
would see full hd as=8gb? I could live with this on a 30gb drive IF
fdisk could then create HPFS partition(s) in the 22gb 'free space' for

It would really be simpler to keep w2k on its own bloody hd since I
will only be needing it to run geo-map prgs in the field using cd
media input, no online or networking. Thus switching hd's with the
caddy might work fine, as long as the contacts don't wear out.

I've seen TP setups for OS/2 (on Google) but requiring 4.51 w LVM
and/or PartitionMagic neither of which are available here. Also IBM
would not cough up the TP2x 'Hardware Manual.pdf' just now for some
reason (Sunday, hour shift??) which I should peruse before inquiring.