I have a LG GSA 4040B DVD writer which supports also DVD-RAM.
So far I used IBMs UDF file system driver. But it's so awful
slow that I'm looking for a comfortable alternative.

Currently I'm at RSJ 5.05 and so could use DVD-+RW. But for
backup purposes I want to keep the DVD-RAM discs because of
much better reliability and error correction.

Here RSJ 5.52 comes into the game. Before upgrading I'd like
to find out whether it's worth.

Has anyone tested the new DVD-RAM support available with it ?
How fast is it compared to DVD+RW (RSJ) and DVD-RAM (UDF) ?

Does CDCopy now support copying full DVDs ?
Can CDView now handle DVD ISO images larger than 2GB on JFS ?

Knowing that DVD-RAMs will be written also with ISO file system,
are they then also readable from plain DOS like DVD-Rs with ISO ?

Every experience is welcome.