Ingo wrote:

> Therefore I am wondring if anybody successfully installed OS/2 in
> VirtualBox, which just moved to 1.4.0?

Yes here

OS/2 4.50 runs on VirtualBox 1.3.8 on Windows XP

I updated to 1.4.0 but then OS/2 does not see the virtual HD.
Neither IBM nor DaniS driver detects a disc.
So I downgraded to 1.3.8.

2 Tips for installation:
1. OS/2 needs HardwareVirtualziation (Intel VT)
VirtualBox supports this but it is disabled.
To enable it you have to edit the Configfile of the Virtual Machine.

2. set the hpfs cache on the setup media to the maximum of 2048
Otherwise installation is very slow

regards Stefan