my old Linksys BEFSR41 blew a port a few months ago. I bought a cheap
hub and used that to make up the difference, but last week the router
finally gave way. I'd figured I'd just get another Linksys of the
same model. here's what happened:

1) the first replacement BEFSR41 (~40 bucks) didn't work -- it
couldn't find the internet, and only two of my three boxes could see
one another. called Linksys tech support (someplace overseas) who
confirmed the unit was defective. so I dragged all the way back to
the store to replace it -- okay, every once in a while you make a bum

2) I brought back the replacement for the replacement -- same exact
problem -- OS/2 can see one 'doze box, other laptop can't see either,
none of them find the internet.

3) finally I returned the second one for a little Trendnet wireless
router (w/ 4 Ethernet ports in the back). was working within 5
minutes; I used the XP installation tool, but I would imagine if
you're a little bit more savvy than I am about DHCP, you could get it
going simply using a browser. plus eventually maybe I'll mess around
with the wireless.