Don Hills using the stolen identities of The eCS Guy or The OS/2 Guy wrote:
> Ask your lawyer again. It's not identity theft,

Yes, talk with your provider who has finally responded to my bevy of
Must be because several government agencies there now have you in their
radar. Even those who chose to turn their heads will have your name, IP
address and other private information on file and that may cause a new look
at you and your Internet activities.

It's criminal, immoral and unethical to disguise yourself and post as
else in an attempt to harm them, their reputation, or their public
standing. That's
the legal standing.

You're the worst kind of criminal and the one the media talks about
constantly. I'm hoping to put a spotlight on you and really slap some
embarrassment into that head of yours. I'll keep your illegal and
deplorable act in every subject line I can get to until it becomes
so annoying your own supporters will turn their backs on you.

The eCS Guyİ