What is the difference in the Advanced Speed Step toolset which was
issued as far as I can tell around January 17, 2005 and one apparently
by the same name on May 26, 2005?

The January package was some 4,194,234 bytes in size and the May package
was some 675,900 bytes in size per the files here. Is the January
package a multi-lingual package and the May packaged just an English
version? As well, is this the latest release of APM technology stuff?

The reason I'm asking is that APM is working on my R40, as far as I can
tell here. But the original install of the APM operations on th R51
here for test failed to boot until I remarled out the APM drivers in the
CONFIG.SYS file for it. The last thing left for finishing this R51
issue is that I'd like to pursue the enablement of APM on it. And, if
this January .. or May toolset contains code that will fix the APM
operations on the R51, I sure want to update things.

Any other information on APM for the R51 Thinkpad would be appreciated
as well if someone can offer it.



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Mike Luther