Hi all,

trying to get eCS 1.2 on my TP X21 to the point where I can phase out
Warp 4 on my old TP 365XD, I ran into another irritating feature:

I fancy for the past ten years an open folder view of the "Minimized
Window Viewer" (and a few other folders I always want open). Dragging
a shadown of the icon into the startup folder, as I did on Warp 4, hangs
the WPS upon boot: The Multiple Desktop Viewer (from SNAP) comes up, the
Hourglass/Clock comes up, nothing else.

Only restoring the os2.ini and os2sys.ini from a backup returned the WPS
back to life. This is scary!

For now, I open the viewer from the startup, calling another
undocumented function (SysWaitForShell) as in

call SysWaitForShell 'DESKTOPCREATED'
call SysOpenObject "d:\Desktop\Local Szstem\Minimized!!Window VIewer", \

but boy, this shouldn't happen!

Any ideas on how to fix the root of this, rather than just work around
the symptoms?

Cheers, Stefan