thanks to all who answered my post about os2 being slow, i've installed
a few time, made an updated cd using updcd and i seemtno have amuch
better response now,
however i have some issues which i'll put in seperate posts:
when browsing the lan i can not see beyond the folders on my linux samba
server - which i understand is unavoidable from what i read, but i also
can't browse my winxp shares, i get the following error:
NET2140: an internal LAN software error occurred

now at some point in my previous installs i did have this working but no
more, interestingly the folders on my samba server will allow me to
assign a drive, though that just creates a drive letter with no apparent
contents, the shares on the winxp (sp2) box have no such option

i'm not sure how to confirm what versions of programs i have, but
following the updcd instructions i think i have the latest version of
tcpip and mpts that is available free got warp4

any suggestions of how to browse my winxp shares?