OS/2-eComStation has one of the finest OS communities

I have worked with many operating systems in the past and have taken
part in many of their associated online groups. But I have not seen any
with such a devoted, caring, and active user base as what is seen in
the OS/2-eComStation community. Even though it's been orphaned by
both its corporate birth parents M$ and (and now) IBM, has been
declared dead by many, and has survived many vicious attacks (M$), the
OS keeps on boot'n. The OS is maintained now by its DEVOTED users and
its corporate foster parents Bob St.John & associates.

When I saw the second Matrix movie a character know as the Merovingian
had a line that I immediately connected with OS/2. "Mark my words
boy, Mark them well, I have survived your predecessors and I will
survive you."

God Bless OS/2 and All Its Followers

-JiMbO J0nEs

see you at WarpStock