I am looking for 939 main board and just saw Gigabytes GA-K8N family of
boards. The XP-9 and Ultra 9 have one 16x and two 1x PCI-e slots, three
regular PCI slots, SATA 2 & RAID, dual Gigabit LAN and 54 MiB Wifi,
Firewire 1394b, and something they call NVIDA ActiveArmor Firewall.
Went to NVIDA UK site and
downloaded the PDF there that describes this as a built-in firewall,
operating system independent and something that looks very much XP
required IAM package that monitors applications' outgoing traffic much
like Zone Alarm. I also see some other vendors are using this NVIDA
chip set & have this firewall.

So my Question is, who is using this (the subject) and does it work as
claimed when OS/2 is used. Ditto for any other operating systems.
Thanks a Million!