I realize this subject is off-topic here but I want to post an alert
to a request for help I've posted in the Win98SE and Thinkpad
newsgroups regarding the failure of Windows 98SE to install
on a neighbor's T30 with a new 40GIG hard drive.

Fanatics stalk me Usenet activities so closely it is just a matter
of time before Herbutt or Samphere comes trotting in here
claiming I'm obviously using Windows.

No truth to the claim at all. Here's my post (and if anyone
here wants to help or knows how to solve the problem,
feel free to email me privately or post your response here
but make sure you note it as 'OT' ...

My neighbor has brought his T30 over with a new 40gig hard drive hoping
I can solve his Windows 98 install failure. I know nothing about
Microsoft operating systems so I've come here to ask for assistance.

I have Win98SE Boot CD and OS. Start. Set system to boot from CD
(F12), menu comes up asking which MS OS I want to install. I select
Win98SE. Combo CDRW spins, a quick slap of data flashes on the screen,
stops to say unable to find setup files (or start setup) and takes me
to an A: prompt. I tried this maybe five times all with the same
result. I booted from Partition Magic 8 floppies and formatted the
hard drive to FAT32 thinking maybe that's the problem. Still, a no go.

Both MS Win98 CDs are good and readable from a different machine. T30
has 1GIG of RAM (should I reduce that for install purposes?) Using
standard CDRW/DVD Combo Drive.

Off the top of my head I would think the installation program is unable
to engage the CDRom (Combo drive), perhaps because the CD has an older
driver and can't recognize the CDRom?

So what's the answer to getting Windows 98SE to install on an IBM
Thinkpad T30?

Dr. Tim Martin, The OS/2 Guy

(What? You're the OS/2 Guy and you can't figure this out? Answer:
Nope, I have nearly zilch knowledge of an MS operating system or

Dr. Timothy Martin, The Official and Only OS/2 Guy
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