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> Steve wrote:
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>> Hi All,
>> I'm disappointed in the replies. All you guys want to do is argue and
>> flame each other. I looked at eComstation and don't see it as a
>> viable option. The company behind it has no resources to speak of and
>> reading messages from those who use it tend to be vague and
>> argumentative. OS/2 is a fine operating system but I'm going to stick
>> with Windows.
>> Thanks again.

> Nice to see someone saying that he'll stay on Windows, while he's
> posting from OS/2....

Many eCS Lusers claim they use eCS yet they post from an Apple Mac.

> Note that it was posted through newscene... the place from where most
> forgeries are coming from, lately.

"Chrysler Dan" aka "The eCS Guy" ?

> To the real Steve: please note that someone tries desperately to keep
> people away from OS/2

To the real Steve: if you want OS/2 then you'll have to buy a license
from IBM. You can buy an older copy of Warp 4 to obtain a legal
license then signon with IBM's Passport Advantage and subscribe
to an OS/2 Warp Maintenance Contract. IBM will then send you the
latest release of OS/2 as well as seven other CDs full of OS/2 applications,
drivers, and updates, as part of your subscription package.

> and/or any distribution based on OS/2.

There is no such product. There is a minor third party vendor's
proprietary product that 'just happens' to use an older version
of OS/2 but it is not distributed within the U.S. and you'll have
to get it through The Netherlands. Be aware: you have no U.S.
Consumer Rights if you opt for the product, the product comes
with no technical support and is widely known within the OS/2
community as a piece of crap. Consider it akin to "Lindows",
the bane of the Linux community.

> From the note above, you can read his opinion on eComStation, opposed
> to his opinion on OS/2. In the various replies within this thread, it's
> easy to find one or two people with quite alike opinions. This makes it
> easy for you to have a guess about who forged you. Simply filter those
> people out, and you'll find quite some helpful information about OS/2 here.
> If you have any further questions about OS/2, feel free to email me.

If you've been 'forged' Steve then you have every right to take
appropriate action. If you are an eCS Salesman's 'sock puppet'
created in hopes of scaring up a sale of eCS then you have
failed miserably. In fact, you've only hurt your eCS cause. Steve,
if you do find it was an eCS Salesman who created the forgery
I hope you take full legal action against them and against
Serenity for allowing their salesmen or investors to participate
in such illegal activity.

Dr. Timothy Martin, The Official and Only OS/2 Guy
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