Bob St.John wrote:
> Mark D. Overholser wrote:
>> But I am thinking that I need to update the PA, and buy an Upgrade
>> Version of eCS 1.2.

> Can you explain your thinking? If you get eComStatin 1.2, you have
> effectively purchased the PA support. What would be the rationale for
> doing both?

If you purchase eCS v1.2 you've got a can of worms. It is proprietary
so you'll have to keep buying all the bit parts of it. You'll have to
put up with the never ending bugs that plague it. You'll have to
spend hours trying to get it to install and actually work.

But more importantly, you'll be handing over your personal information
to a man who has demonstrated, right here in these newsgroups, his
lack of ethics and morals, a crime by publishing that private customer
information. Information he obtained by perusing the customer
records of Mensys. You'll have to worry that suddenly someone
with your same name and using your credit card and bank card
numbers is having a grand old time with your life and all because
Mr. "Boob" decided to post your private customer information.

You can't be THAT stupid, can you?

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