"Peter Brown" wrote in message
> Hi Stan
> StaN wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Been a while since I've used partition magic but I wanted to install OS/2
>> on my Dell laptop however v 8.0 of partition magic makes no mention of
>> hpfs in the doco. My drive is 60GB and not sure if v7 supports hpfs
>> also.
>> tia
>> Stan

> Never used PM myself but gather it can be used to "shrink" an installed
> windows partition?
> If so maybe you could squeeze it a little creating enough space for
> 1] 8Mb primary partition for Boot Manager
> 2] Logical partition of whatever size for OS/2
> Regards
> Pete

Thanks Pete & all who responded, I'll see if I can install it on my laptop
(Dell Inspiron 9300), now I just need to locate drivers for the Broadcom
440x nic, Intel Pro/Wireless 2200BG and SigmaTel C-Major Audio, the pcmcia
is not needed but it would be nice to get it working it's a Ricoh
R/RL/SC476(II) controller.