John wrote:
> PC-to-phone and broadband phone services enable you
> to make and receive worldwide calls with incredibly low rates.

Why? Yahoo offers free VoiP with new IM

May 19, 2005 - 10:59 EST

With instant messaging becoming as hotly competitive among the major
portals as search advertising or e-mail hosting, Yahoo! Wednesday said
it is testing an upgrade of its Messenger instant-message service by
enhancing PC users' ability to make free worldwide voice calls. The
upgrade integrates its existing voice feature--which currently allows
users who are logged onto Yahoo!'s PC Messenger to converse in real time
and leave voice mail messages - with a call-history archive as well as
free ringtones.

Marty! Are *YOU* working on bringing Yahoo's IM to OS/2 users instead
of that lame AOL AIM instant messenger you keep trying to pawn off on us???

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