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>David Adolphson wrote:
>> You are assuming that Pxpxblue lives in the US, or another country with
>> copyright laws. If you're looking for os/2, start on EFNet in channel
>> #os2warez
>> Cheers,
>> Dave

>OS/2 Warp 4.52 is also available using XNap, Limewire, WarezP2P,
>ShareBear, Kazaa and any of the other Peer-To-Peer software programs
>connecting to the 'Net. Once downloaded anyone can register OS/2 with
>IBM directly using the built-in register program after it is installed to
>ensure their use of the OS is legal.

>It is the eCS Luser Investor who spreads the false information that legal
>copies of OS/2 Warp 4.52 are not available.

>Simply type "os2" in any P2P search engine and it will come up in Zip,
>RAR and ARJ formats, both the installation CD as well as the full Warp
>4.52 operating system.

>Lotus' SS/2 v1.71 can also be downloaded and registered directly with
>Lotus during installation into the Warp 4.52 operating system via P2P

>Anyone claiming OS/2 cannot be obtained outside of IBM is lying.

....And all the UNHAPPY ecs customers have made sure that anyone can
download ecs, manual, and all the keys that anyone would need.

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