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Dennis Nolan wrote:


> I recently purchased a TP R51, and installed eCS 1v2 via a different
> approach.
> Firstly I resized the XP partition with Partition Magic
> Then ran the install and in LVM setup the boot manager the OS
> partition and 4 other partitions, two for each OS, an Application
> partition and a data partition. As a matter of principal I never allow
> different operating systems to access the other's data.

If I were to do this on an R51, all I would want is OS/2 ..

> When the install resumes and after making the configuration settings
> tick the Management console check box.
> When the Management console comes up, start the editor and edit the
> config.sys and rem out the three lines for power management, if you
> don't the the first reboot in the install will fail.

What is the Management console? What are the three lines in the
CONFIG.SYS which have to do with power management?

Is this an eCs specific issue or a generic OS/2 issue that you might
face on an R51 if you were installing only OS/2 on it?


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Mike Luther