Richard Steiner wrote:
> Here in comp.os.os2.advocacy,
> The OS/2 Guy spake unto us, saying:
>>Richard Steiner wrote:
>>>Here in comp.os.os2.advocacy,
>>>and the App Pak
>>>isn't "required" unless you want to use something like Lotus SmartSuite
>>>and don't already have a license.

>>What are you gonna use? The failed OpenOffice for OS/2? The out-of-date
>>Staroffice for OS/2? 95% of all OS/2 users already *have* a license for
>>Lotus SmartSuite so the inclusion in eCS is redundant and worth little.

> In other words, we both agree that the previous poster was incorrect.

The previous poster was correct. Serenity's original claim for
creating eCS was to 'expand and increase" the OS/2 user base.
Serenity has failed. Any newbie who gets conned into eCS
finds they have no current Suite of Applications unless they
purchase the eCS App package at $210. That package gives
you an older version of SS/2 which requires extensive updating
with patches and fixes that have to be downloaded and applied.
Thus, the original poster was correct.
> Next!
>>>In addition, in 1.2, Hoblink's X11 server is part of the $59 basic eCS
>>>product (with 1.0 and 1.1 you had to get the app pack to get a copy of
>>>that X server).

>>God you must think people are stupid. I don't know one person who uses
>>or has a need for Hoblink. Not one.

> Sounds like you know very few Unix or Linux people. :-)

I know "OS/2" people. I could care less for Unix, Linux or
Windows people. That's what "OS/2" is all about - using
OS/2. We're not here to use any other operating system.
And if you have to rely on any other operating system software
then you shouldn't rely or even claim to be a user of OS/2.

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