Richard Steiner wrote:
> Here in comp.os.os2.advocacy,
> "eCS Is A Ripoff" spake unto us, saying:
>>When they talked me into buying eComstation they said it was the new
>>"Warp 5" but when I got it and read what was in it, I found out it has
>>an older version of OS/2. They scammed me again!

> I have never seen anyone claim that eCS is "Warp 5" except in your own
> postings here on USENET.

I don't know that this guy has ever posted to these newsgroups
before much less "except in your own postings here...".

As I recall quite clearly tho' ... it was Diane Gartner who filed
the initial European Consumers Complaint against Meansys
for illegally promoting eComstation as "Warp 5". Meansys
had a full web page proclaiming they were the only vendor
to be selling "Warp 5". After that complaint Meansys was
contacted by the ECU and warned to 'cease and desist'
the false claim.

Miss Gartner (yes, that would be the same Gartner of the
infamous "Gartner Group") then confronted Boob St. John
and asked why he would allow such false advertising.
The Boob's response: "I have no problem with that..."

All easily verifiable through Google's archives. Look it up.

BTW, if you are going to start insinuating the above posting
was made by me then think again. Look at the header
and the ISP. Neither of these belong to me.

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