Tero Kaarlela wrote:

> The OS/2 Guy wrote:
>> Randall Taylor, eCS Luser, complained on Tuesday, April 5, 2005::
>> "eComStation didn't detect the sound card ..."
>> "I then learned that the Thinkpad audio drivers cannot install with

the new [eComStation] minstall."
>> "Looking at the Crystal install files I found a comment that the

winos2 support was taken out of [eComStation] ..."
>> "VoiceType will freeze when the desktop gets the focus unless ...

Styler options are turned off."
>> "The laserjet drivers supplied with eComStation can't print in

landscape mode. The drivers from IBM's device driver pak online must be
used instead,"
>> "The ... install cannot detect that multimedia support is installed

and will only install basic modem functions. This means no fax modem
>> "I get the error "cannot find system clock process" when I attempt

to open the system clock ..."
>> Followed soon after by:
>> Thorolf Godawa, another eCS Luser, publicly admitted on Thursday,

April 7, 2005, to the dismay of other eCS investors that:
>> "In business eCS is nearly not existing, even in Germany there are

.... no eCS-projects at all!
>> eCS as update from OS/2 is ... for home-users but has no relevance

in business and SVista ... is ... far, far away from beinig ready to be
used in business!"
>> Thorolf was then thorougly rebuked, personally attacked and

ridiculed and chastised for posting these facts publicly. "If you want
your investment to grow you must keep your complaints to yourself!" In
short, "Lie like crazy to the potential customer. Never tell them the
truth about the product. The only way we can con these people is to
claim we have a better product then IBM and shame them into investing.
> Cant you really think of anything else to do????????????

I do many things and I think all the time.

> Couldn't you just go and do something reasonable instead of this?

Alerting the unsuspecting to a scam is reasonable. It's an outright
honorable duty. Maybe you'd be stupid enough to believe the
the butcher revealed to be selling "horse nut patties" and claiming
it is "sirloin hamburger".

You want reasonable? Turn to the eCS Lusers and ask them
to cease and desist posting off-topic eCS crap in the OS/2
newsgroups. It doesn't belong there. It never belonged

Now quit whining and learn to use a filter if you don't want
to read the truth about eCS because the *real* OS/2 community
is not going to roll over and spread their cheeks so the eCS
luser can pork 'em with his tiny nubby.

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