IBM's recent announcement of automatic Passport Advantage
renewal is a solid endorsement of their commitment and respect
for the *real* OS/2 user. Had IBM left their previous subscription
and/or maintenance contract policies in place, Non-OS/2 users,
would have continued their false claim that IBM had killed off

Now with the automatic renewal of Passport Advantage subscriptions
and maintenance contracts, IBM is solidifying their ongoing support
for OS/2.

We *real* OS/2 users owe credit to the eCS Lusers for their very
public false claims of OS/2's death and the ridiculous hype that
eCS was the successor of OS/2. IBM has clearly stopped that
propaganda in its tracks with the new service of automatic renewal
of OS/2 maintenance contracts through Passport Advantage.

If you haven't signed up for your free Passport Advantage you
should do it asap. IBM may remove that 'free signup' option
and the eCS Luser will be in a position of paying and even
higher price to return to the real world of OS/2.
Tim Martin, The Official and Only OS/2 Guy
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