Erik Kooistra exposed as "Uncle OS/2" piddled:
> Jason Michael Bowen exposed as "OS/2 Guy" whined:
>> LOL, boy you and Eddie are like the real life Dumb and Dumber. So
>> tell us, if you or Larry or whoever is the real person behind Warp
>> City, how come you use a pay pal account named Mike Oreilly?

> Mike Oreilly? Wasn't that the guy starring in the adult movie
> which was sold from Warpcity by Meng, posting from the HUD?
> Well, "sold"... Meng/Larry was -spamming- the forsale groups with it.

Umm... Mike O'Reilly has the PayPal account probably to sell
his products.

Anyone can purchase low-cost web hosting services from Warp City.
They can setup their own shopping carts and use their own Merchant
or PayPal accounts.

Sign up for a Warp City web hosting account and we'll accept
PayPal payments but for Godssakes, don't send it to Mike O'Reilly's
PayPal accounts - unless, of course, you're into that kind of thing.
BTW, Warp City doesn't discriminate and we offer a full-service
web hosting service including streaming video adult sites.

LOL! Stuff like this has got to drive you eCS Lusers NUTS!
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