Since 2 days I have an ADSL connection ( I got a "modem"
which creates the connection automatically and also serves as a DHCP
server (as far as I understand correctly). When I connect my
computer's NIC to that box, I get an IP address (it's not a fixed
address so far). But I can't get in contact with anything in the
outside world. I can ping my own NIC on the contributed IP address (of
course). But nowhere else. Not even the DNSs of I've done the
normal configuration of my NIC, which has been functioning well
before. That is: check the [Automatically, using DHCP] box. No
routing, no hosts, nothing. Which should work correctly in my opinion.

I have BootManager installed and I can boot to Windows2000. There, my
connection works perfectly well. So, the problems must be in my OS/2

I run OS/2 MCP2 with in general all the latest fixes and versions.

Anyone any idea how to get on to find out where the problem is?

Info so far:

Non-default items in INETCFG.INI:
- multidefrt 0 1 0 1 Multiple Default Routes ON/OFF
- winscale 0 1 0 1 TCP Window Scale ON/OFF

DHCP Client Monitor says:
- Client switching to RENEWING state.
- Using lease from server
- Recorded offer from server
- Assigned address to interface
- Client switching to BOUND state.
(or any other value for a given moment)

I can send a ping to that address which responds in 0

I can see "traffic" on lan0 (the pings!) thru IFMON:
- IF lan0 - Ethernet-Csmacd 100000000 bps
- [traffic values]

And netstat -n says:
Interface 0 Ethernet-Csmacd
physical address 0004757c4544 MTU 1500
speed 100000000 bits/sec
unicast packets received 3559
broadcast packets received 0
total bytes received 649136
unicast packets sent 786
broadcast packets sent 2723
total bytes sent 577118
packets discarded on transmission 0
packets discarded on reception 0
received packets in error 0
errors trying to send 0
packets received in unsupported protocols 0

ifconfig lan0 gives:
lan0: flags=8843
inet netmask 0xff000000 broadcast

This is from netstat -r:
destination router netmask metric flags intrf
82 0 UC lan0 0 UH lo

When I start my computer, the DDNS Client Configuration window pops
up, asking me for the DDNS Configuration Parameters. When I enter the
Domain Name, it starts looking for, but
since I can't pass the "modem", nothing happens and it stays trying.

In general: it looks as if a firewall is blocking any traffic. But I
don't have the TCP/IP firewall activated nor any other one.

Any other information of relevance?

Thanks in advance, I definitely don't like to switch over to W2k.


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