I been reading about Bluetooth 2.0 new products. I've also seen
video/reports of the Black Hat conventioneers monitoring and hacking
into computers through Bluetooth connections. So before I even think of
adding Bluetooth to the local mix of supported products, what did
Bluetooth 2.0 standard do to provide encryption protection? I ask as
have googled the English language postings and have found nothing said
on this subject. Is it avoided because there is no security?

In case you did not know, crackers can monitor your Bluetooth keyboard
from up to a mile away and steal everything you type, including your
passwords, etc. Also they have shown that one can fake keyboard input
from 1/2 mile away. Bluetooth enabled phones are hackable also. It has
been shown that crackers can call anywhere using someone else's
Bluetooth phone, without the owner being aware. So while you sit in a
cafe eating lunch, someone in the parking lot can be calling Bombay or
Singapore on your cell phone. True with all Bluetooth 1.x devices.
Thanks a Million!