In the UK, Staples have a "too good to be ignored" offer on a Brother
MFC 620CN multi-function "printer". (Colour inkjet printer with
ridiculously huge resolution; flatbed scanner ditto; works off-line as
colour or B&W photocopier; sends and receives faxes; in-built TAM; and
even reads camera memory cards, printing both thumbnails and individual
photos off-line, but also making them accessible to a computer on the LAN
through an in-built web server application. LAN? Oh yes, the interface
is UTP for 10/100TX [as well as USB].)

At the price, it's worth buying just as an off-line photocopier and fax;
however, it might be usable from OS/2 (e.g. using the SLPR from eCS), if
only there were a driver for it. Needless to say, Brother don't supply
one (although as well as the Windoze drivers one might expect, they also
support Mac, in both OS/X and OS 8.6 upward). The machine understands
SNMP for configuring it, and the quick-start manual actually mentions
"OS/2 Warp Server, LAN Server", but that's all that it gets.

Has anyone tried the OMNI (or any other inkjet) driver with any earlier
Brother models?

Brian {Hamilton Kelly}
"Je n'ai fait celle-ci plus longue que parce que je n'ai pas eu
le loisir de la faire plus courte."
Blaise Pascal, /Lettres Provinciales/, 1657