Hello All
I've created an XCenter widget. It uses as parent and owner the HWND
passed to it when creating a WC_BUTTON and a WC_SLIDER. I've given the
slider SLS_OWNERDRAW and have implemented paint logic which works
fine. The problem I'm having has me perplexed. If the user drags the
sliderbar to a different position and then puts some other window
(i.e. the window list) on top of the widget, when the covering window
is removed and the widget repaints itself, it repaints the sliderbar
in the original position it was in when the widget was created, not
the new position that it should be in since the user has moved it. The
logic which I have implemented for SLS_OWNERDRAW does not get called.
It is as if the slider is repainting itself from "memory" - a memory
that is outdated.

An explanation &/or a cure would be most appreciated.