Hi All,

I am working on OS/2 platform wherein I have developed an application
in C++ for monitoring and controlling netscape browser windows.There
will be only one window monitored at a time irrespective of any no: of
unmonitored windows.

Now I am able to monitor that particular window through application by
using DDE but when there is any action taken directly i.e. minimise
etc thru mouse click on netscape window, i am not able to get that
changed status.

I would able to capture it thru hooks only for one window but when
there are many unmonitored netscape windows and a single monitored
window open,then i am not able to figure out my monitored netscape
window among those.

I was working on the foll approaches..

I tried to get the client window handle but was unsuccessful.I am able
to get the window id,server handle which changes for every send
request,application handle but there is no api to convert any of these
to window handle.

If the I get the window handle which remains unchanged throughout then
probably I may get the changed window status thru some api..

Just wanna confirm whether my approach is right or any other way out.