I have been puttering for many weeks now and am getting ready for a
release of jWPS, a java-based WPS interface. The first cut will focus
on 3 utilities:

* JWPUtil. This provides all the standard PM calls to the WPS, so you
can register/deregister classes, open copy, move delete objects (as in
WPS objects, not just files) and all sorts of other things.

* IniUtil. This lets you create and manipulate ini files.

* EAUtil (I'm really proud of this one). Comprehensive, easy
managements of EAs.

These are all written in JNI and use the underlying C APIs. They are
made to have cleaner syntax and usage than the standard API. It is my
goal to have a modern, viable replacement for REXX and this pretty much
covers that, except for pipes (those are coming one of these days, if
there is interest).

So I would like to showcase these utilities. To do this, I would like
suggestions from folks for demos or utilities. In other words, I am
offering to write some little utilities using my new Java classes.
These can/should be OS/2 specific.

This, by the way, is the first part of my project. The second part,
which is pretty far along, will be to have WPS objects also available
as Java objects. This pretty much works (= there are 100 + unit tests
all of which pass), but since this ends up being almost a port of the
WPS to java, it's taking some time. Only so many hours a week I can
devote to this.