Mr. Message for OS/2 is an instant messenger client which is capable of
communicating over AOL's Instant Messenger network using the OSCAR
protocol (used in the Win32 AIM clients, jBuddy, gAIM, Kopete, ICQ, and
a variety of other clients).

It has been updated with the following changes:
* Fixed the login process again, making it more robust and tolerant
against receiving unexpected data. Should be reliable now.
* Fixed a memory leak when a session record is deleted.
* Fixed a memory leak when the Buddy List is created if an empty
buddy group is found on the server.
* Fixed the corruption of session settings when a session that used
global settings is changed to have unique settings.
* Added tolerance for handling messages with NULL characters embedded
in them, like some DBCS messages will require. I don't know if this
support is adequate to support character set translations because I
have had no testers for this. Let me know if something needs

To download, please visit the official Mr. Message web page:

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