Having finally managed to get clean installs of eCS 1.2 Refresh on both
my PC and on a Parallels Virtual Machine running on a Mac Pro, and after
getting some major help setting up the networking between these two, I
copied whole directories from the PC to the VM. The idea is to transfer
OS/2 files and operations entirely to the VM.

To my dismay, I discovered that the copy operations were unreliable.
Being new at networking, I don't know whether I was doing something
wrong or whether my expectations were unrealistic. Here's what I did:

- From the client VM I logged on and started the file sharing,
then opened the server PC's filesystem showing the different
shareable drives. I opened these in Tree view, one at a time,
showing the directories it contained.

- In the client VM I also opened the corresponding drive, to which
I wanted to mirror the server's files.

- I then selected a directory on the server drive, RMB clicked,
selected 'Copy', and directed the copy to go to the client's

This seemed to worked as I had expected, until I noticed some glitchs:

# For some of the directories a new icon would get placed on the
client's drive, the copy dialog window would persist for a few
seconds as usual, then the new icon would disappear along with
any trace of the copy operation. But if I create the new folder
manually, then copy the original server folder's files to the new
client folder, it works.

# When I started to try to use some of the copied files, I dis-
covered that all the new file names were in 8.3 format, even
tho the client's drives were formatted JFS. I had no trouble
renaming the misnamed files to the original, so the problem was
the copy operation.

Are these problems caused by EAs not being copied, and is there a way to
arrange the copy operations to avoid the problems?


- Dushan Mitrovich