A new version of 'oo' - a WPS commandline tool - is now available.

'oo' v1.10 can be used from a prompt or in a script to: open, locate,
and list WPS objects, assign setup strings, popup objects' menus, even
"drop" files on program objects.

v1.10 adds new commands that make it a complete replacement for REXX's
WPS functions like SysCreateObject or SysCopyObject. Beside being able
to do more than REXX can, 'oo' is also more versatile: you can give it
the path to any kind of object, not just files or folders (e.g. program
objects, shadows, etc).

To accommodate the new features, several existing commands and options
have been changed. Refer to 'oo.txt' for a comprehensive description
or run 'oo' without any parameters for a concise help screen.

You can get 'oo' from:

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