I have a container in Details view with a number of columns. One of the
columns is attributed CFA_OWNERDRAW to allow changing the text color under
certain conditions. The rest of the fields are non-ownerdraw.
The problem I am seeing is that the vertical text alignment is not the
same for the two attribute states, ownerdraw vs. non-ownerdraw. In fact it
would seem that all vertical attributes, CFA_TOP, CFA_VCENTER and
CFA_BOTTOM, are ignored defaulting to CFA_VCENTER regardless of the
attribute specified.
This would not be a PITA if the DT_VCENTER in ownerdraw and CFA_VCENTER
in non-ownerdraw would position the text in the same way. It does not.
DT_TOP positions it higher; DT_VCENTER positions it lower; and DT_BOTTOM
positions it much lower.
Is the vertical alignment of text being ignored a known defect?

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