0.) Single Processor System with SIS chipset
1.) eCS 1.2 R
2.) kernel: 14.104a_W4 (Warp4 kernel)
3.) ACPI: Version 3.09 (acpi-20080423.zip)
4.) APM: Version 1.24 (acpi-apm-20080423.zip)

After reading the ACPI and APM docs which I found confusing I finally:

1.) copied ACPI.PSD to \OS2\BOOT
2.) copied ACPI32.DLL to \OS2\DLL
3.) copied ACPI.CFG to \OS2\BOOT
4.) copied APM.ADD to \OS2\BOOT
5.) overwote RESOURCE.SYS in \OS2\BOOT
6.) did this to my config.sys:
a.) add as 1. line: PSD=ACPI.PSD
b.) add as 2. line: BASEDEV=APM.ADD
c.) remove: DEVICE=D:\OS2\BOOT\APM.SYS
e.) remove: RUN=D:\OS2\APMDAEMN.EXE
7.) ran "detach ACPIDAEMON.EXE ACPID.CFG" from the directory ACPID.CFG
is located in

However I am not able to neither go into power save from the WPS power
object or XWorkplace nor can power off the computer via XWorkplace (with
ACPI enabled on shutdown page).

1.) have I done the right things to config.sys ?
2.) is ACPISNP.SNP or ACPICA.ADD still needed ? The docs still mentions
them here and there ...
3.) I have not done anything to \OS2\SNOOP.LST. Do I need to strip
something from it ?
4.) I have touched neither ACPI.CFG nor ACPID.CFG. Do I need to change
something ?

Thanks for any help,