I'm pleased to announce the release of Cameraderie v1.5,
an organizer and downloader for PTP & MSD digital cameras.


v1.5 adds support for mass storage device (MSD) cameras
and for flash cards from any digital camera. Now you can
enjoy Cameraderie's ease of use and versatility with any
USB-connected removable drive that "looks" like a camera.

Among Cameraderie's features are:
- a unified display that shows you every photo at once,
either as thumbnails or as a detailed listing
- versatile sorting and renaming features that let you
save every photo where you want with the name you want
- automatic rotation that ensures your photos will always
be viewed and saved right-side up

For those who tried the v1.5 betas, the GA release offers:
- several eject options that make switching media and
shutting down much easier
- an application icon that's genuinely attractive
- an expanded 'Troubleshooting' section in the readme
- new commandline options
- and of course, a few bug fixes.

Cameraderie can be used in English, German, Dutch, and
French, and is uncommonly easy to translate into other
languages. The program is open-source and is released
under the Mozilla Public License.

The source code is available at:
or at:

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