Cameraderie v1.1 is a GUI downloader for your PTP-based digital camera
(e.g. Canon, Kodak, etc). With Cameraderie, it's easy to organize your
photos while they're still on your camera and fresh in your mind. Thanks
to its Groups feature, renaming a photo and saving it into a directory
with similar pictures requires little more than the click of a button.

Cameraderie v1.1's primary new feature is the addition of three thumbnail
views. You can now display all of your photos in a single window using
any of three resolutions. To enhance the new views, v1.1 introduces a
'Colors' dialog so you can create a unique color scheme for each view.
It also adds several commandline options, most notably, a "demo" option
that lets you open the program without having a camera attached.

Cameraderie supports cameras that use PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) and
connect via USB (v1.1 & v2.0). It can be used in English, German, Dutch,
and French (thanks to Franz Bakan, Kris Steenhaut, and Guillaume Gay,
respectively), and is easy to translate into other languages - no toolkits
or technical skills required. Cameraderie is open-source and is released
under the Mozilla Public License.

You can get Cameraderie from hobbes:

or directly from my site:

You can also obtain the source code from:

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