The eCS Guy or The OS/2 Guy wrote:
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> "=?iso-8859-1?B?qSBUaGUgT1MvMiBHdXkgqQ==?=" wrote:
>>... a countersuit by The eCS Guyİ for ... theft of copyright ...

> You're as ignorant of the law as "the eCS Guy" is. "The eCS Guy" can't sue
> for theft of copyright. You (or anyone) can't copyright the "The eCS Guy"
> name. Or "The OS/2 Guy", for that matter.
>>Go ahead and challenge him legally. Hire a lawyer today and let's see
>>how far you get.

> Yes, you do that. Ask your lawyer about copyrighting a name. With you as a
> client, I imagine he could do with a good laugh now and then.

Copyright be damned. We're talking identity theft here and you are the
thief. Would you not be "up in arms" if placed in the similar

I think the best thing the real eCS Guy can do is continue to expose
you publicly as the thief you are. Put it in the newsgroup histories
to be called up day after day, week after week, and year after year and
it will destroy any "good" Don Hills may have ever done or attempt to
do. Your crime will live on through your children and your children's

May it ride atop every subject line response he makes to your postings
whether or not the content is related to your crime of identity theft.
I hope he dogs you for years to come.

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