Jan Danielsson wrote:
> Don Hills wrote:
>>| ... Is there a list somewhere of essential fixes to download from
>>|Passport Advantage ... such that one can be reasonably assured of having
>>|an up-to-date OS/2 system?
>>Yes, there is an excellent guide available.
>>No, I'm not going to tell you where it is. Someone else might, but in my
>>opinion you don't deserve such help after the many years you have spent
>>helping to turn comp.os.os2.advocacy into a cesspit.

> 1) This isn't c.o.o.advocacy.
> 2) This isn't a private group for "tholen@antispam.ham", others read it too.
> 3) If you are seriously trying to be on the "Good Side" in Usenet: Send
> snide personal remarks via email.
> 4) Even oddballs such as Tim Martin, and his alter egos, deserve valid
> and good responses to good and valid questions, since others may benefit
> from them.
> I foresee a rant about how Evil and Bad this "tholen" character is.
> But I *REALLY* don't care - trust me.
> I am however curious about the answer to the question. Anyone else
> who can shed some ligt on the "there is an excellent guide available"
> comment?

First off, Thanks for the support Jan. Yes, as any other OS/2 user I
too need help and assistance and have questions as well as answers for
the OS/2 community. Tholen does to and he shouldn't be discriminated
against simply because he responds to the idyits of this world.. The
attitude expressed above by Don Hills is the same attitude I ran into
years ago when seeking assistance in the eCS forums. eComStation has
suffered since then and will never be a viable product.

The http://www.warpupdates.mynetcologne...._contents.html
site is pretty comprehensive but we do need a site that tells an OS/2
user how to check their current system and the names of the latest
released updates to download and install.

OS2MT, the freely available OS2 Maintenance Tool, has quite a few of
the latest OS/2 updates and the program will download and install those
updates easily. I believe the author is working daily to add new
updates to the OS2MT program and deserves our encouragement, support
and assistance.

Dr. Timothy Martin, The Official and Only OS/2 Guy
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