This is an alert to every person who has ever purchased
anything through Serenity Systems or Mensys:

Serenity owner, Bob St. John, has publicly revealed
private information belonging to a Serenity/Mensys customer.
Information that was provided under the provision of
confidentiality and safekeeping.

This means your credit card information, personal data,
including residence and/or billing information, date
of birth, private telephone numbers and all other
confidential information you provided to either entity
as a requirement of a purchase is unsafe and apt
to be revealed. It is a criminal act as stipulated in the
account agreement of the consumer.

If you have an account with Serenity or with Mensys
you have every right to take legal action against
these two entities, to immediately demand your
private information be removed and to file a report
with the State Attorney General of Texas against
the business license of Serenity Systems aka
Managed Systems as well as the European
Consumer's Union against the business license
of Mensys.

No company or company official, no matter how
'important' they perceive themselves to be, have
the right to put your life and information in danger.
Bob St. John has done just that and disseminated
the information around the world.

Dr. Timothy Martin, The Official and Only OS/2 Guy
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