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Bob St.John wrote:
> wrote:
>> Gee, someone should sue you

> But no one ever has, including you and "Tim". No just cause, I guess.

We have no reason to sue you. Proving you are a scam artist
and blatant liar is far more damaging to you than any court
of law.

> I haven't been by USENET for awhile, but it doesn't make any difference.
> Nothing has changed. You are still here, standing alone, hurtling
> invectives and displaying oedipal and anal fixations.

We are still here and the bane of your existence. You are
a blatant liar and a scam artist.
> You and "Tim" still peddling distortions, misrepresentations, and
> fabrications. And when you are called on it, you top post "I win!" and
> change the subject.

Diane Gartner: "Why do you allow Mensys to advertise eComStation
as "Warp 5"? Boob St. John: "I have no problem with that..."

Fully documented via Google. You know you said it and you
know you encouraged the false advertising to your own potential
customers. You continue to do it today with your blatant lies
and never ending scams.

> You asked in one posting if I was going to sue you. I'm more inclined
> to pray for you. You and "Tim" .. trying so hard and so unsuccessfully
> to tear things down. Never garnering the good will which comes from
> making a contribution.

ahh but how you wish to God we'd go away because we are obviously
keeping your previous piece of crap product from 'taking over the world'.
Good for us.

> While eComStation continues to deliver value to users, and support OS/2
> events like the recent developers conference in Dresden, and the past
> and future Warpstock events.

You live beyond your own dream world Scammer.

> There is value and positive contributions made by eComStation and SSI.
> I'm justly proud of what has been accomplished, and recognized by the
> three Best Commercial Software awards voted by the readers poll on OS/2
> World.

Whine all you want while the world sees you for what you are: a blatant
liar and a scam artist.

> Some things don't change. You negativism and crude invectives don't
> change. And they don't change the progress of eComStation and the value
> of eComStation. That isn't going to change, either.

And you want people to believe you have half a brain when you
fantasize with such stupidity publicly? Dream on...

> The media refresh will be the best OS/2 desktop ever delivered. And that
> achievement will stay in place until the next release, which will give
> OS/2 users something to feel good about.

Yeah, right. And the moon has turned to chedder.

Take a hike Boob. Your a liar and a scammer.

Dr. Timothy Martin, The Official and Only OS/2 Guy
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