These facts are fully documented via Google Newsgroup Archives.

eComStation is a minor third party vendor's proprietary product
that 'just happens' to use OS/2.

eComStation can use *any* operating system and the former
partner behind eComStation publicly stated it was the eventual
business/product plan to replace OS/2 with a more "lucrative"
operation system.

eComStation was falsely advertised as "Warp 5".

eComStation was falsely advertised as the only product on
the market that could offer the Journaled Filing System (JFS).

eComStation was created, said the maker Kim Cheung,
to allow the installation of OS/2 within as few as "32 seconds".

Former sellers of eComStation, Q-systems and Indelible Blue,
dropped the product soon after they realized it was a poor

eComStation is distributed outside the United States, in "The
Netherlands" specifically to avoid U.S. Consumer Protection

The eComStation consumer will pay double for what the
IBM OS/2 customer pays and the eComStation consumer
ends up with an older version of an IBM product while the
IBM customer gets the latest release.

eComStation investors have and will do whatever it takes
to stop the truth about the eCS product from reaching
the public airwaves, from outright lies to personal threats.

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