The 2005 Warpstock event team and Warpstock Board are pleased to
announce that the 9th Annual Warpstock registration is now open. This
year's Warpstock, the sweetest one yet, will be held in Hershey PA
((known as the "Sweetest place on earth"). This years event will be
held October 6th to the 9th at the Wyndham Harrisburg-Hershey Hotel.
The Warpstock event is an annual conference which provides education,
information and social opportunities to the entire OS/2 community.
Registration costs are:

* Warpstock 4 Day Registration (social not included): $179
* Warpstock 2 Day Registration (social not included): $109
* 4 Day Full Table Vendor's Booth : $250
* 1 Internet Access Wire : $250
* Non-profit and user groups: $10 (subject to Board approval)
* Warpstock Sponsoring Member (no admittance) : $48

To learn more about Warpstock visit the homepage at
Information about this years event can be found at
Registration information is at