> I'm still amazed at how IBM originally allowed this to happen,
> that a 3rd party is given license to resell/rebrand/modify a
> world-class OS and such a rinky-dink outfit at that. And to
> what extent did IBM share the source code?

Serenity Systems aka Managed Systems of Texas
has an OEM contract to distribute OS/2. They cannot
rebrand OS/2 at all. That's why you don't see eCS/2
or eComStation for OS/2. When you read the eComStation
literature and web sites you see very little mention of OS/2.
Serenity purports this lack of inclusion and identification is
because OS/2 has such a bad name in the world of
marketing. The reality is they are restricted by their
IBM OEM contract with regards to what they can and
cannot say in their marketing propaganda for eCS.

Nor can they modify OS/2. IBM does not allow them
access to any OS/2 source code. And don't believe
anyone who says differently. What Serenity Systems
(aka managed Systems of Texas) can do is pile on
their own proprietary code atop and around OS/2.

Such piling, as we all know, defeats the power and
stability of the OS/2 operating system and leaves the
eCS investor with a system that is prone to blue screens
of death, "Your System Has Been Stopped...", reboots
and overall poor performance. Anyone who tells you
different is lying to you (I *have* eCS v1.2 and it is a
great disappointment next to a *real* OS/2 Warp 4.52
operating system.

> Where is a precedent for such behaviour? Did M$ (gasp), Sun, Apple,

Novell, or SGI ever do such a thing?

Yes. MS has made Dell and Gateway OEM partners
and they have done pretty much the same thing with
their Windows operating systems by making the hardware
MS-OS proprietary to ensure no other OS can be installed
on their Dell or Gateway systems. Sony does the same
thing. That's why you have to contact Dell/Gateway/Sony
when you have a system failure - you are forbidden from
contacting Microsoft as MS is not responsible for the failure
of their OS on a Dell, Gateway or Sony system.

As is the case with IBM, failure of OS/2 under eCS is not
an IBM problem - it is entirely the responsibility of Serenity
Systems who, in reality, provide no official technical support
for their proprietary product but rely on the skills and assistance
of other eCS investors to step forward.

The "eCS Maintenance Tool" (which is always undergoing
fixes, upgrades due to never-ending bugs and program
failures) is not paid for by Serenity. It is entirely a free-work
effort provided on a voluntary basis.

Much of the earlier propaganda produced by Serenity promised
the development of new drivers, new software, etc., to new
and potential investors yet Serenity knew when they made
those claims/promises that they would never actually follow
through on such claims. To this date Serenity has never paid
for or produced any new OS/2 driver but tout drivers obtained
by gift from third party investors and/or new drivers released
by IBM themselves as items 'brought to you by Serenity...".

> It might be more interesting to natter on about these things now and

then as an alternative to the
> endless loop (as per below).

That's not likely to happen. Serenity/Boob St. John and his
investors have discussed such public revelations as the
worst and most detrimental information to eCS that should
be stopped at all costs. That's why you see Boob St. John
himself personally attacking anyone or any customers who
complains publicly about eCS. To ensure the eCS customer
doesn't complain it is an established fact that all tech support
(a heavy requirement with eCS) will be denied (through
banning via access to those (so-called) public groups set up
for eCS assistance and information). That's quite a determent
to the individual who has invested nearly $1,000 in eCS and
still can't get a working or workable eCS system.

Add to this the fact that Serenity continues to claim "the next
release will include (a) a new and improved "must have app",
(b) an installation program that will put eCS on your computer
in "32 seconds" (famous last works of former Serenity partner
Kim "Loonytoons" Cheung) and (c) the dangling carrot of the
next release will knock your socks off just hang in there, we

People are extremely gullible. Investors are often extremely
desperate and either die off quietly by moving to Microsoft and
chalking the financial cost up to a financial loss or are so
embarrassed by their own stupidity to have believed in all
the false hype that they pretend eCS is the most wonderful
thing on earth and hope others believe them.

They don't.

> Django

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