letoured@nospam.net wrote:
> Mensys did call ecs Warp 5 in their on-line postings. booby st. john refused to correct them. -- Later they tried to sell OS2 warp server as ecs server, until IBM got on their case.

Quite true. IBM threatened a major lawsuit against Serenity and
Meansys if they didn't 'cease and desist' claiming Warp Server
was "the new and improved eCS Server" as well as immediate
loss of the OS/2 OEM contract with Serenity. By contract Serenity
and distributors are absolutely forbidden from 'rebranding'
OS/2 in any way, shape or form. They can't even 'imply' eCS
is OS/2.

eCS is not OS/2 despite those eCS salesmen who find without
the false claim, eCS will never sell to anyone.

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