Chris Deierlein wrote:
> Chuck McKinnis wrote:
>> On Sun, 6 Feb 2005 02:27:19 UTC, "TheOS2Guy"
>> wrote:
>> If you don't quit responding to his posts, I will have to add you to
>> my filters!
>>> The subject line and thread (if it is changed) still refers to Tim
>>> which means he by-passes all those so-called filters. Responders lose
>>> and he wins (again).
>>> TheOS2Guy


> I already did. I don't understand why people continue to respond to
> the trolls? Don't you realize thats what they strive on? They WANT to
> get on your nerves. Only way they know they are succeeding is if you
> respond to this crap. People who perpetuate the trend will end up on my
> filter list as well. Maybe if he proves that he has something useful to
> say, I'll remove him.

And, here you are. I thank you for your continued support.
Apparently someone is on your nerve because here you
are. Personally I thank you for your continued support
and determination to keep this thread going. You are
doing a fine job.

And whatever happens, *do NOT* remove me from your
every so helpful "filter list" because it has worked to the
advantage of the *real* OS/2 community for several years

Best wishes to you.

Dr. Timothy Martin, The Official and Only OS/2 Guy
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