There are a few of you eCS fanatics who are intent on harassing
*the real OS/2 community* with your continual eCS spamming attempts.

Take notice today: if you do not curb these individuals from spamming
the OS/2 newsgroups with their illegal eCS spam the c.o.o.ecomstation,
Yahoo eCS Newsgroups and will be inundated
on a continual and daily basis with anti- eCS warnings.

If you thought wading through the eCS newsgroups was difficult before
we will ensure your wade will be so deep you will have no where to
go for a decent conversation.

We're asking one thing: stop the eCS spamming in the OS/2 newsgroups.

Stop the phony testimonials, phony eCS announcements, phony eCS
"deals" and everything else associated with the pathetic and phony eCS

It ALL belongs in the eCS newsgroups. Either keep it there or expect
to lose any kind of normal activity within those eCS groups.

Dr. Timothy Martin, The Official and Only OS/2 Guy
Warp City Web Site -
email: OR