The OS/2 Guy wrote:
> Jason Bowen wrote:
>> Umm ****nut... I'm using my ISP to connect to this account.

> You've been exposed. Caught. Hand in the cookie jar. You
> have no other choice now.
> o

I have plenty of choices, like my new email address?

>> You claimed I was curtailed,

> You *are* curtailed. You are squirming like a greased
> pig.

LOL, you really are stupid. I taunted Eddie to look at the whois. I
wasn't hiding, I was standing right in broad daylight. Now get a life.

>> why did you have to post this if you knew?

> Personal pleasure. You don't use OS/2. You don't belong
> in these OS/2 newsgroups. You invade here for one purpose:
> to harass *real* OS/2 users and you've done it for years.
> You couldn't win, you couldn't gain the attention you wanted
> and you couldn't stand the fact that we continue to flourish.
> I waited long enough for you to hang yourself and you did.
> Beautifully.
> Your credibility is as nil as that of Michael Greene, Jerone
> Besse, Herbert Rosenau and Jeramie Samphere. You've
> created a phony sock puppet and used it to attack *real*
> OS/2 users - and you were caught red-handed.
> You will never live it down and I'll make sure of that.

Live what down? Challenging somebody to look at the whois, showing how
technically inept they were when they couldn't figure out how to do it?
How many times did you write CU trying to get my account yanked? You
and Eddie are both scoffed at by anybody that lives in a non-skewed reality.

OS/2 Guy
The one and only OS/2 guy from an OS/2 domain.