I apologize for posting my problem here; to the best of my knowledge,
there is no other forum in which to find people that use Polarbar or
are knowledgable about it.

I am using PBM in Linux (openSuSE v10.2). I have two display
problems, neither of which is only aesthetic or trivial:

1) When I bring up the Virtual Folder Specification window, the upper
part of the contents are missing. The window cuts off just above the
"is to" window; the bottom third of the "is from" window is visible,
but not as far up as the checkbox which would enable the "is from"
search criterion to be used, so that the virtual-folder facility is
almost useless. The VF-Spec window is not resizable, and I have not
found a way to cause more of the search criteria to be displayed.

2) Less important, because one can do without taglines in a pinch:
when I bring up the Tagline Selector window, it extends more than the
width of the screen, and the left side is off-screen, so that short
taglines are not visible at all. There is a vertical scrollbar, but no
horizontal one. There is also no titlebar, so there is no way to move
the window rightward.

I suppose these problems are connected with the display driver. There
do not seem to be any display drivers newer than those for SuSE v9, so
presumably I have the latest one available. Is there a workaround that
will make these two features more useful? With all its little
failings, I still think PBM runs rings around the mail clients
available for Linux.

Stan Goodman
Qiryat Tiv'on